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  • Handling Grief At Christmas & Beyond

    At Christmas and the New Year most of us will have spent weeks maybe months preparing for the biggest annual family get together. For most, the plans and the shared meals, the exchange of gifts and the enjoyment of shared family traditions bring a sense of joyful anticipation and grateful participation.

    But for some the approach of Christmas is like a looming precipice

  • Handling Grief Part 3 Not All Christians Get it

    Not All Christians Get It   Some Christians have mistakenly thought that grief demonstrates a lack of faith. That way they feel the need to maintai...
  • Handling Grief Part 4 Are you over it yet?

    This sculpture by Albert György, entitled ‘Melancholy’, can be found beside Lake Geneva in Switzerland. It sums up bereavement. (Ó Albert Gyorgy us...
  • Handling Grief Part 2

    Jesus Understands the Pain of Loss and Grief

    The death of one of Jesus’ closest friends, Lazarus, actually produced the shortest verse in the Bible. Jesus Wept. There is grief in its immediate most potent expression. The great news is it lest us know that Jesus understands loss pain and grief especially as he would have grieved the loss of His own father probably in his teenage years

  • Handling grief when a loved one dies

    Grief can come like an express train, or it can seep out through tears like barely imperceptible drops of sap from a tree’s bark. It can cause you to shout, to cry out, to bury your head into a friend’s arms. It can descend like a mist of perpetual darkness and it can catch you out when you least expect it. It can leave you in shock and disbelief. It can fill your mind with anger.
  • Why I wrote a book on heaven

    I made a commitment to a friend to face this head on, and whatever the discoveries from the pages of scripture, I committed to write them. This book All About Heaven is the result.