Events with David and Gill Oliver

All About Heaven Evening Events

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An evening event that will move you deeply and answer questions about heaven:

  • What happens when we die?
  • What does present heaven look like?
  • Where is it?
  • What will be doing there?

The deepest question in life is, “what happens when I die?’ I’m grateful for All About Heaven as it lifts my eyes heart and mind to another world more real than this one. Rob Parsons OBE Founder & Chairman Care for the Family.

When David & Gill faced the death of their son Joel at the age of 38, following a short and brutal fight with cancer, David set about researching and writing on heaven.

Through a thorough and practical examination of the Bible, David & Gill will provide for us a thrilling view of the future and a destiny worth preparing for.

This evening event will move you deeply and leave you enthused, prepared, equipped and longing for your heavenly destination.

David and Gill Oliver

David is an author and international speaker who has worked with Spring Harvest, Care For The Family, Billy Graham Evangelistic association, and Focus on the Family. He is author of 14 books including the book, ‘All About Heaven’ on which this evening event is based.