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All About Heaven – Host An Evening with David and Gill Oliver in your church

The book ‘All About Heaven’ has been transformed into a deeply impacting evening presentation by David and Gill Oliver available for your church to host. During the evening, David & Gill Oliver share from their heart the trauma, the grief, the hope & the insights that surrounded & subsequently followed the tragic death of Joel their eldest son just 17 days after diagnosis.

Based on a robust exploration of what the Bible has to say, and drawing from real life experiences, David & Gill will provide a thrilling view of the future and a heavenly destiny worth preparing for. As a window into heaven gets opened, you’ll discover the Biblical answers to many of the questions surrounding the death of your loved ones and your own ultimate destination.  

All About Heaven – the Evening Event

(two 45 minute sessions, with a 15-minute break) will enrich your vision while building faith and inspiring a longing to be in heaven.

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Our team will provide all you need to handle the promotion; including templates for Promotional flyers, text to cut and paste for church bulletins and notices and two short, customised video promotions for you to use for your specific date and venue.

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David Oliver - Host an Event - All About Heaven


Most of us are clear that when Christ returns there is a resurrection, a new heaven and new earth, and that we will live with Him forever. But the big question in the meantime is “What about those who die before that?” What exactly happens at the moment of death? Where exactly are our loved ones who have died? What are they doing and what does this present heaven look like?

The feedback from multiple events in the UK USA & France has been very encouraging and very positive. Someone described it as a ‘Window open into heaven’. People routinely talked about ‘I have never heard this before’ and it is rated as an experience that is inspiring, illuminating, reassuring, and healing for all. We have learned too that some ‘not yet Christians’ seem to respond warmly to the content, giving them a gentle touch from heaven. Making it easy for this event to bolt on to any outreach or mission focus your church may have.

Gill Oliver Host an Event All About Heaven