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all about heaven by david oliver

All About Heaven

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In twelve fast paced chapters this book takes an uncompromising and accessible look at present heaven; the place Christians arrive at after their departure from earth.

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This book will answer questions, allay fears and have your hearts skipping at the thought of being there. The official tour guide takes the words of Jesus, John, Paul, Daniel and others and explores what scripture says; the possibilities and the facts. The trip advisor reviews provide glimpses of heaven and NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) including 8 stories from the author's church family or friends.

We learn that very few references to angels refer to worship but most refer to work and service; discover at least 28 things that they do! Six specific rewards in heaven are explained and in the light of wonderful compelling truth about heaven; we are introduced to the possibility that we may have mis-interpreted the verse that says; ‘Where oh death is your sting?’


  1. What happens when we die?
  2. The next life; reality or fairy tale?
  3. Are you afraid of heaven?
  4. Heaven a popular view
  5. Two places called heaven
  6. Paradise the official tour guide
  7. Paradise the trip advisor reviews
  8. Paradise at work
  9. Angels in paradise
  10. Reward in heaven
  11. Death without a sting
  12. Good grief!