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Developing the prophetic in you and your church

Endorsed by Mark Melluish (New Wine) Dave Devenish (New Frontiers) Dave Richards (Salt & Light) This book is a must read for all those with a prophetic gift or those aspiring to prophesy.

Do you want to learn how to interpret dreams? Do you desire the gift of prophecy? Do you have the gift and long for help and equipping? If you have or want a prophetic ministry then this book is for you 

With applications for workplace and church and with two feature chapters on dreams and interpretations this book is jam packed full of practical examples of how you can discover or develop your prophetic gifting. This book will benefit those seeking to become more prophetic and also help church leaders develop a biblical approach to encouraging the prophetic within their church and learn how to handle both the words that are brought and the people bringing them. 

Topics covered in this book

The book deals with some of the common problems that are associated with prophecy, and also aims to inspire and equip people in developing their gifting